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What is this?

Sightseeing? Adventure? Attractions? Sights? …. All of Them in One!

A secret address is sent by e-mail about the game’s starting point. A parcel hiding a treasure hunting kit. A team not knowing what is coming. Clues leading through the inner-city of Budapest. Conspirators and friends involved in the mystery. A mission, camouflaged as a sightseeing tour with an unknown destination. A city game full of twists, where participants do not know in advance who or what will help them get through the next stage.



  • 5 star review  Nagyon jól érezte magát a csipetcsapat! Élménydús nap volt! Sok látnivalóval amit most fedeztünk fel akár! A feladatok logikusak nem túl könnyűek és nem is túl nehezek Buda legszebb részein! Köszönjük további sok sikert!

    thumb Kiss Terézia

    5 star review  A budai pályán játszottunk és mindenkinek nagyon tetszett a játék. Két csapattal, egymás ellen, kiélezett helyzetekben találtuk magunkat, rengeteg sétát és agymunkát igényel a játék 😀 de minden lépcsőfokot és verítéket megért. Csapatépítésre is kiválló! Köszönjük nektek az élményt! Találkozunk a pesti pályán! 🙂

    thumb Szentkirályi Levente
  • 5 star review  Csak ajánlani tudom! Tökéletes céges csapatépítéshez vagy csak egy családi programhoz. Volt szerencsém kipróbálni a pesti és a budai játékot is. Hihetetlenül sok ötlet van benne. Fedezd fel Te is őket!! 😉

    thumb Violetta Kalmár

    5 star review  Csodálatos napot töltöttem el a családdal egyutt ezen a Budai "kiránduláson" . Sok szepet lattunk. Nagyon ötletes volt. Gratulálok nektek es remélem még sok jo pályátok lesz amit kiprobalhatunk. Köszönjük

    thumb Katalin Bohacek
  • 5 star review  Best way to discover Budapest. 🙂 We were on the Pest course, it was fun and also challenging. It takes more time than an escape room, but much more interesting. The places they recommended was superb and the route is show you the best sceneries in Budapest. Really recommended for team buildings also. All my colleagues enjoyed to solve the puzzles and riddles. And also thank you for the kind support during the event.

    thumb Berente-Bálint Janka

    5 star review  Such a fun way to discover a city!

    thumb Kati Todor-Soó


How does it work?

Book a time slot

You can select and book an available time slot here. At any given time a team of 3-7 persons can play.


Purchase the ticket

If you have transferred the price of the ticket we will confirm your booking and the floor is yours. Get to the starting point at the time you booked.


Follow the clues

After receiving the parcel solve the tasks step by step and remember to enjoy the splendid walk in Budapest.


Rejoice once you’ve succeede

If everything goes well you will reach the target and can rejoice that you have finally managed to get out… or was it rather getting in?

Where is the treasure

Are we going to enjoy Urbango?

If you like looking around at your own pace, if you like to think and play a bit, if you enjoy spending time with each other, well… in that case you will enjoy it for sure!


What if we get stuck?  

You can text us for help on a secret number. But we are only going to give you hints, so that your fun is not spoilt. So don’t expect us to provide you with the solution.


From what age do you recommend it?

From 12 but obviously it depends on the child’s endurance since the routes are 4-5 kilometer long. Needless to say, every team needs at least one adult.