Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions set between the operator of the Urbango website (henceforth: “the Website”) Urbango Kft. (1126 Budapest, Tóth Lőrinc utca 26., henceforth: “Provider”), and the end-user (henceforth: “User”) of the clue-following city-scouring adventure service (henceforth: “Urbango”) purchased on the website.

The Urbango website can be found on the www.urbango.hu address.

  1. Reservation

(1) Visiting the website and observing the still reservable times is not tied to prior registration. Urbango may be used after successfully reserving an appointment.

The process of reserving:

  • Filling out an application sheet with valid information.
  • Transferring the participation fee following the instructions of the automated e-mail the user will receive.
  • The confirmation sent by the Provider of the participation fee having been successfully transferred to the Provider’s account including all the instructions for the User to start playing Urbango.
  • Should the transfer not occur within the appointed time, the Provider will cancel the reservation.

(2) During reservation, the following information is given:

  • E-mail address (required)
  • Name (required)
  • Telephone number (optional)

It’s during the booking that the Terms and Conditions regarding the Website and Urbango, entailed within this document, are accepted.

(3) The Provider is not responsible for any damages or loss incurred due to the submission of incorrect information.

(4) The information provided during reservation shall be used by the Provider to identify and bill the User.

  1. Cancelling a Reservation

(1) A registered and payed reservation may be cancelled by the User by sending an e-mail.

(2) If the User cancels a fully paid reservation at least 48 hours before the appointment, the Provider shall refund, in full, the fee rendered.

(3) If the User cancels a reservation within 48 hours of the appointment, a refund will not be permitted; however, the Provider does allow for changing the reservation appointment to another, valid time.

  1. Payment

(1) Payment is permitted only via bank transfer. At the time of a successful transfer the purchase will be booked, and the Provider will send an electronic receipt to the e-mail address provided during the reservation.

  1. Conditions of Participation

(1) Everyone participates in Urbango exclusively at their own risk.

(2) Any person under fourteen (14) years of age may only participate in Urbango with an adult chaperone present.

(3) You may not participate in Urbango while under the effects of alcohol and/or other mind-altering compounds.

(4) The duration of Urbango may change due to the pace and puzzle-solving skill of the User from 2 up to even 6-7 hours.

(5) The User must have direct access to a charged, functional mobile phone capable of both receiving and sending text (SMS) messages.

(6) Urbango may only be used by Users capable of completing a roughly 5 km long trail on foot.

  1. SMS (Text) Aid

(1) Should a User get stuck during an Urbango event they’re able to send one regularly priced text message to get aid.

(2) The text should contain the appropriate code found on the Urbango documentation you have been given. The Provider shall respond in, at most, 5 minutes with a text message containing the required help. The cost of the response texts lie with the Provider.

  1. Mediation

(1) The Provider shall be suggesting third party (henceforth: “Partners”) services and deals to Users, especially regarding dining options.

(2) The Users recognize that the Provider is not taking any responsibility for these suggested services, they are offered by the Partners directly.

  1. Responsibility

(1) The Provider is not liable for any personal, financial or nonfinancial damages possibly incurred as a result of a User participating in Urbango.

(2) The Provider is not liable for the possible unapproachability or unusability of the Urbango related locations and objects, in addition to lack of instructions or comprehension aids.

(3) All Users recognize and accept that they are participating in Urbango at their own risk, and shall not be granted any complaints/demands for any reason that made them incapable of experiencing Urbango in the advertized way, even if said reason is due to the Provider.

(4) Furthermore, the Provider excludes itself for any and all responsibility regarding services rendered by third parties, including that of the Partners.

(5) As long as Urbango is functioning each Urbango voucher is valid.

     8. Copyright

The website, the tour, or any related device, documents, especially tour documents (maps etc.), idea and concept is Urbango’s intellectual property. The copying, transfer, publication, use for service provision or any other use different than specified above is prohibited, and Provider will take civil and criminal law actions against such use.