Frequently asked questions

Are we going to enjoy Urbango?

If you like looking around at your own pace, if you don’t want to check out all the beautiful places in just one day, if you don’t want to cram your heads full with dates, if you like to think and play a bit, if you enjoy spending time with each other, well… in that case you will enjoy it for sure!

Are stations difficult to solve?

We sought to make you think. It would be strange, however, if the puzzle could be solved only by a team of Nobel-prize winners. Cooperation is more important than your IQ! Even Google won’t help you much. Stages are exciting, playful and unique.

 What is the ideal size of a team?

The ideal number of participants is 4-7, but we recommend at least 3 people. It does not work if you are alone.

From what age do you recommend the kids to play?

From 10 on but obviously it depends on the child’s endurance since the routes are 4-5 kilometer long. Anyway a couple of adults have to accompany the kids on the route.

Are we supposed to take anything with us?

Be sure to have your mobile with you and before the game, please make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the Urbango app. If you get stuck you can ask for help through the app.  Make sure your mobile is fully charged. Besides this you will need comfortable walking shoes and appropriate clothing depending on the weather conditions.

Are we going to need public transport tickets?

No, it’s a walking tour.

What does the starter kit include?

Game sheet, map, spy equipment, writing equipment, vouchers

Where does the tour start?

The Pest trail starts on most days at: Anker Klub (Budapest, 1062, Anker köz 1-3.) and the Buda trail starts at Clark Square. In case of maintenance the temporary starting place will be disclosed in the confirmation letter. The Gellért-hill trail will be available in English soon.

How does the game start?

Be there at the reserved time at he start station, sit down at a table and just tell the waiter ‘Urbango’ and then your reservation code. The Urbango guide comes soon and gives you the starter kit and explains what you need to know to play the game. Study the content of the package thoroughly. If you need any help to start, don’t hesitate to ask the guide.

How long does it take?

The fastest team managed it in slightly under 2 hours. If you walk in a steady pace it will take 3 hours. If you get lost and are too vain to ask for help or if you take a rest to drink or eat something it will take around 4 hours.

Is there a time limit?

No, you can walk at your own pace as long as you finish the game within the same day.

What if the weather is terrible, can we interrupt/skip the program?

We’d rather you don’t. The more disturbing factors, the more excitement. Prepare well ahead. If it is really terrible we will be flexible. We want you to have a good memory of us 🙂

What if we get stuck?

If you have a question we help you immediately by phone or by text message, it is up to you. But we are only going to give you hints, so that your fun is not spoilt. So don’t expect us to provide you with the solution.

If you get completely lost or stuck you can even call us but even then we are not going to tell you the solution right away. Remember you’ve come to have fun. There is no fun if we tell you everything. So you might as well stay with texting.

You’ll have to pay for texting and the calls. That’s what happens if you screw up.

During the game please use the Urbango app. Our app has two important functions:

  • If you’re hesitant on how to proceed with the game, you can seek assistance.
  • Troughout the trail, you’ll be required to put your answers introught the app. You’ll be notified of this on your cards.

If you have any other question please call us and we help you immediately by phone.

May we change our booking?

Yes, hopefully we will find another available time slot!

May we cancel last minute?

Stuff happens. Send us an email and we will figure out a solution!