Who we are?

Why did we start Urbango?


The reason we created Urbango was because we wanted a better, more free-form yet also exciting and diverse city tour option but we couldn’t find one. We have been to many places in the world and and discovered the same old set of templates being wed for sightseeing tours everywhere.

We don’t like set routes and we don’t like forced place. We don’t like having adapt to strangers all the time or when we have to follow an umbrella. And we certainly don’t like having to read or listen to too much information most of which is instantly forgotten.

We like it when we get to explore the neighbourhood with our families or friends, and if something catches our eyes we can stop to look around and take a few photos. And if we are feeling thirsty, we are free to stop and have a drink. Nevertheless, it would still be nice if there was an invisible hand that could guide us towards beautiful and interesting places. And it would be even better if it was a game.

We created Urbango because we hoped that there were others who shared our desire for just such an urban experience. And so we combined sightseeing with a treasure hunt, as the latter is a challenging game that can be shared by children and adults.

When the game was created in 2015, a 16-year-old dream became a reality. The countless treasure hunts we have planned for family and friends became Budapest –sized!

Thank you for playing with us!



Who we are?


I’m Réka, co-founder of Urbango. I am responsible for the multi-team competitions: you receive the rules from me and I wait for you at the goal to publish the results and reward the winners. Every small detail is taken care of to ensure you have a great time. I love collecting the feedback from the players so that we can build better and better trails and riddles. urbango.reka@gmail.com +36 70 9434171


I’m Bea, co-founder of Urbango. I have been known to create new Urbango stations in my dreams and I’m generally in charge of trail design. I’m responsible for Urbango’s personality so if you get stuck, I’will be happy to help you over the phone. I’m passionate about the quality of the game and I love it when we get 5-star reviews on Facebook. urbango.bea@gmail.com +36 70 4331266


I am Miki, co-founder of Urbango. My top priority is to keep the team’s feet firmly on the ground and build prosperous partnerships. I'm the strategy manager and PR officer- feel free to take a photo of me! guthy.miklos@gmail.com +36 30 8517156


I am a passionate web developer, CTO of Urbango. Without me none of the technical stuff world happen. Lots more good ideas coming soon – see you out there! zsolt.banyai@gmail.com +36 20 2094236


I am Virág, the game cannot start without me - I give out the starter package and important details about the game. I love the game’s mysteries and evey day I feel like a character from the „ Da Vinci Code”!