19.000 HUF (for 3-7 players)

I am the first Urbango trail,

I’m full of excitement, devious puzzles and gorgeous locations, a cavalcade of colour and noise, just the way we like downtown Pest. You’ll need ingenuity, a little logic and, most of all cooperation to figure me out!

During the game I will show you the nicest parts of Pest: Parliament, the Basilica, Chain Bridge, the Danube promenade, Vörösmarty square, Gozsdu courtyard etc… If you feel like taking a break, having an ice cream or drinking a spritzer (fröccs), don’t worry about me, the game does not have a time limit.

I recommend myself to those who don’t enjoy climbing stairs or who have strollers.

I’m fluent in Hungarian and English, you can pick which language you’d like to play with me.

Important information

Start: at Deák Ferenc Square 

End: at Deák Ferenc Square

Number of stations: 16

Length: 5 km, app. 3 hours

I run on Android 6 or iOS 10 and above.

On to Adventure!

November 2019

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